“A Week Without Limits” is a documentary film featuring the children of the “PA Vent Camp”.  The PA Vent Camp is a week long camp for ventilator dependent, wheel chair bound children ages 4-18.

Bob Magill with vent camp kids  Directed an produced by Bob Magill, the film follows the children throughout the week,   focusing on the camp’s philosophy that “there’s no such thing as ‘no’ at Vent Camp”.  For many of these children it is the one time of year they are able to embark on activities that most of us take for granted.  Simple things like swimming require 3 staff per child in order to monitor their vitals, assist them in the water, and in some cases manually pump their air supply.  The children also experience activities normally outside of their reach such as zip-lines and rock-climbing walls, made possible by utilizing specially designed rigging.

Filmmaker Bob Magill also designed custom cameras that allowed two of the children to assist in the filming of the documentary, in order to provide their perspectives.  The film also visits some of the families and children outside of the camp to shed light on the challenges they face in their day-to-day lives.  The goal of the film is to show the amazing lives of the children and those who make the camp possible…and that “Our Boundaries are Self-imposed”.

Bob Magill has also written and recorded the film’s title track “Life on Top” to benefit the PA Vent Camp.  The director’s cut of the film will be released early 2016.

Bob Magill on location with REDWeek Without Limits Movie Poster


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