Bob Magill DTM Wicked Radio 2

Bob Magill is available for entertainment, hosting and speaking appearances.  Whether it’s a convention, a club, or a classroom he is ready to do his part in making your event a success.

“Meeting fans of my work is the best part of what I do.”

– Bob Magill

Bob has appeared at various “cons”, including Pittsburgh Comic-con and numerous “para-cons” meeting fans of “Ghost Bait” for photo-ops Bob Magill Autographsand autographs.  He has hosted at clubs such as “Indigo Nightclub” in State College and was a featured guest speaker at “Para-history Con” in Lake George, NY.  He has also appeared as a guest on numerous radio shows and has lectured at Thiel College.

When asked what he loves most about what he does for a living:

“Getting out there and meeting fans of Ghost Bait is always a blast!  It’s exciting to talk with people that are brought together by a common Bob Magill Thiel College Lectureinterest, or those who are new to the show and are curious to hear about it.  I love getting out there to talk with students in film school who are always curious to hear from someone who has worked in the industry…and they are eager to learn from my experiences.  It is always humbling to meet with folks, and I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunity to do so.  Meeting fans of my work is the best part of what I do.”

Bob Magill INDIGO 2



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