Anyone that has ever worked with Bob Magill knows that he always has 30 things going on at once, and 20 more things on the horizon.  That being said Bob will be venturing into book publishing for the first time, with the release of not one, not two, and not 3 but FOUR children’s books during October 2015.  This will mark the first releases of the new publishing arm of his company, “Evolution Industries”.  Bob Magill co-authored all 4 books, which are available on as downloadable e-books.  Bob and Evolution have formed a partnership with “The Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council”.  Bob will donate $1.00 of the proceeds for every book sold to the Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council. Bob Magill co-author

Bob has also just completed filming on a pilot for an all new show, his role being both behind and in front of the camera.  This is in addition to reprising his role on Ghost Bait.

“A Week Without Limits”, a documentary film produced and directed by Bob, is set to release early 2016.  Bob also recently wrote and recorded the film’s title track, “Life on Top”, which will be released along with the film.  All proceeds will benefit the PA Vent Camp.

Bob Magill Music VideoThe fifth Book series by Evolution Industries, also co-authored by Bob Magill is “Dognose Knows”.  “Dognose Knows” is an educational series that will be launched along side an interactive educational website targeting children ages 5-11.  Such topics as nutrition, science and technology, history and environmental awareness will be the focus.  The characters featured in the book series will each have an interest in one of these areas.  Dognose is targeted for a 2016 launch.

Following the television success of Ghost Bait, Bob has multiple new shows in development, including PMD, King of Clubs and Family Spirit. He was also recently brought on as the Director of Photography for 6 episodes of the TV show “Midtown”.Bob Magill on location MId-town

Finally Bob is writing, and set to direct his first feature film.  The details are under wraps for now as negotiations are underway.  The film is a true life story of an amazing person, that is guaranteed to grip audiences and is sure to become the “feel good film” of 2016.  The film focuses on a man who’s life has already captured America’s heart as a true human interest story.  He has been featured on CBS news, Meredith Vieira, Glenn Beck and many others.  The film is currently in pre-production, and scheduled to begin shooting in March of 2016, with a target release of Thanksgiving 2016.
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