Ghost Bait is the popular web-series that became a hit TV show.  Ghost Bait began in 2012 when show star and creator Bob GB ComiconMagill decided that all Ghost shows did not have to be the same.  The goal was to make viewers feel like they were right there in the Ghost Bait van…and along for the ride.  He also wanted to use fear in the form of a not so brave investigator named “Billiam” as Ghost Bait.  Most importantly Bob wanted to prove that Ghost shows could in fact have a humorous side; leading fans to lovingly refer to the Ghost Bait team as “the Scooby Gang”.

Throughout the web-series, the Ghost Bait team also utilized non-traditional approaches to investigating some of the most haunted locations in the country.  This included 500,000 volt Tesla coils, custom built wearable camera rigs and even autonomous robots conducting independent investigations.

After just 6 episodes on the web Ghost Bait caught the attention of Hollywood producers and soon after was featured on A&E Networks “BIO channel”.  The 3 episode special premiered number one and soon gained a new following of fans.  The TV version of the show focused on the more serious side of the paranormal world in the form of fear, and the role it plays in paranormal activity.

Ghost Bait is yet again being reinvented with exciting news in the near future.  Check out a comparison of the TV version and the Web-series in the two videos below…

TV Version of Ghost Bait

Web-series Version of Ghost Bait



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